5HTP – The Facts

5HTP is a natural amino acid, it is found in some foods such as cheese or poultry but only in very small quantities. Adding a supplement of this to your daily routine can be extremely beneficial so here we take a look at what it does and why you might need it.

It is sold as a dietary supplement but is also widely know as an antidepressant, an appetite suppressant and sleep aid. It is said to be very beneficial for anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety or sleeplessness or dietary problems such as obesity or binge eating.

5HTP has a lot to do with serotonin, the happy hormone, combating low levels of this can drive away mood swings, anxiety attacks, migraines and overeating meaning a lot happier lifestyle for many. Among other things, 5HTP is said to help with memory, concentration and focus and most importantly fybromyalgia – a condition that causes many great discomfort.

Many are cynical about the effectiveness of non-prescription medicines but 5HTP users have described it as being along the same lines of prozac when used to treat depression. A course of any medication should be given time to make changes, often drugs used to treat mood disorders can make symptoms worse for a week or so, before they begin to get better, something 5HTP users have rarely reported.

The good thing about this relatively new alternative medicine is that it has been thoroughly researched. We would always recommend speaking to a doctor or a pharmacist before you start taking anything, especially if wanting to treat conditions mentioned in this article that are considered serious. They will also be able to recommend a daily dosage and a time of day for you to take the capsule(s).

Supplements come in 50mg capsules so are a huge increase in the amount found naturally in food. These can be found at Holland and Barrett online should you decide this may work for you.

Article in association with Holland and Barrett.