5pm.co.uk hair and beauty award

The 5pm.co.uk website has been a very successful enterprise for the last ten years, offering great deals, special offers and helpful reviews of participating restaurants.  Users can get accurate, up-to-date information on all sorts of eating establishments and save a lot of money on dining out.  Last September, the site added the same service for salons and spas, the Health and Beauty section.

Initially limited to Glasgow, the site has expanded throughout Scotland and now the initial results are in.  Based on about 35,000 votes from users, 5pm.co.uk has announced the winners in its first ‘Best of’ awards in the categories of hair and beauty salons and health spas.  Amongst all the participating businesses, the 5pm staff sorted out a few of the very best in terms of value and customer satisfaction.

A few of the winners included Angels Hair Design in Aberdeen, Chamomile Sanctuary in Edinburgh, Energie Fitness Club in Oban and Nail Bar in Perth.  A Lifetime Achievement Award went to Taylor Ferguson, the world-renowned hairdresser based in Glasgow.  Mr. Ferguson told reporters that he was “. . . delighted and surprised” at the award, and thanked his wife and his team for all their hard work and dedication.

5pm.co.uk was launched in 2000 and now has more than 200,000 members around the U.K.  Its chairman, Charles Shaw, says that he is pleased to see participants from a all over the country being celebrated for outstanding quality, and he expects to see the Health and Beauty sector expand as the dining sector did, to all corners of the U.K.

Whether you’re looking for a fine restaurant or a therapeutic massage, or maybe just a great spot for lunch or a perfect manicure, the site provides well-researched details about what’s on offer, what may be on special at the moment, and easy contact information for reservations and appointments.