A face lift combined with the neck lift can change your life

If a change of looks is on your agenda you may be interested in what surgeries can give you the most improvement at once with the face lift combined with the neck lift being the most common solution. Both help to make patients look years younger and go hand in hand with one another. Combining them makes it easier and usually at some time or another, the patient will have both done so why not together.

The lower face lift is actually the correct term for the neck lift. The reason most get lifts are because of the saggy skin one accumulates over the years that makes them look years older. In both surgeries you will have your skin elevated and tightened leaving your face not only with less sags but not even a sign of jowls, but it will have more definition mostly near your chin and cheeks.

When you skin starts to get excess sagging below the chin, it is a sign of aging and from your profile view it looks even worse. There are times when you probably want to cut off that sag, well if you go through the neck lift that is exactly what the doctor will do.

Healing takes time so that is another reason to have the surgeries at the same time so as to only heal once. The face lift needs about 10 days to two weeks to heal and will have some inflammation near the surgery area.

The neck lift will require the use and wearing of compression bandages for about a week to ten days at which time you will also have swelling and some bruising. The recovery time for both is very similar making them so much of a complement for each other. So think about eliminating those sags including the jowls and have both done at once.