A new type of skin product

Ask any woman what is the biggest dilemma they face and the answer you will get is taking care of their skin and the products that they should use. There is one company that has come up with something to make it easy work and this is the Konjac Sponge Company. The Konjac plant has been used for many centuries by the Japanese for various reasons including dietary and health reasons.

This company has come up with a sponge from the root of the same plant mixed with water from a volcanic spring. The root contains minerals and vitamins namely phosphorus, zinc, copper, folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and many others.

The plant is rich in moisture and has the ability to balance the acidity from skin impurities and oils. It can also stimulate the flow of blood and also new cells of the skin. There is more to the sponge than meets the eye as one reduces carbon footprint and their skin feels refreshed and clean. One does not need soap or cleansers plus there is a sponge for every skin. There is a baby sponge for babies with eczema or skin that is sensitive and there is one for the teenager with oily skin.

There is also a sports sponge for that active person either in the gym or on holiday. For the women the French clay sponge is something that they can easily relate to. It is very common when it comes to cleansing, smoothing, softening and exfoliating the skin. There is the French red clay which is suitable for skin that is sensitive and dry.

For oily skin one can get the French green clay and for skin that is tired and needs to be revitalized one can go for the French pink clay. These sponges are not more that fifteen pounds and can be used for three months thus it is a healthy and wise thing to do for your skin.