Actimel offer some smart tips for family days out this autumn

Autumn is a great time for a family outing exploring the outdoors before the weather gets too cold and what better way to find a great place to head then by looking up the Family Wellbeing Index by Actimel. By simply taking the time to fill out an online survey you will get a list of expert tips that will get everyone in your family involved in your next activity.
The idea is that little steps can add up to a big difference, helping to strengthen family wellbeing , something defined by Actimel as ‘that fantastically positive feeling you get when your family’s in tune and everything’s clicking.’
So you could make use of nature’s palette:  or
… help the little ones learn something new:
… or try your own family’s version of ‘follow my leader’:
These ideas are just to whet the appetite, so why not take the survey and discover which family type your family most leans towards? From ‘Fabulous Foodies’, to ‘Happy Helpers’ and ‘Out & Abouters’, there are fun ideas for everyone.
And since it’s the season of ‘mellow fruitfulness’, be sure to try out special edition Blackcurrant Actimel – visit