Alison Silk shares her love of tea with the UK through new delivery service

If you are a tea lover then you are going to love Tea Horse. This company launched  a service earlier this year which enables tea lovers to try different types of loose leaf tea,  delivered to their homes on a subscription basis.

The company has been started in order for its founder to share her love of tea with others in the UK. Alison wants people to be able to get to taste all of the different types of tea out there and realise there is much more to the tea world than just the standard brews you can pick up in the supermarket.

Tea is something that comes in a huge number of different varieties and just sticking with those you can find in the supermarket is like only ever eating one type of food. Once you have even just sampled some of the incredible teas there are out there, you will realise there is a whole world of tea for you to explore.

Ali has provided comment on her favourite subject (tea, if you hadn’t guessed) for many media outlets. She is available for interview or can provide advice and by-lined articles on a wealth of tea related issues, including:

The provenance of tea
The variety of flavours of loose leaf tea
The health benefits of tea
Tea and food pairing
Cooking with tea
Making cocktails with tea
How to make the perfect cup of tea

About Tea Horse: Launched in February 2012, Tea Horse is the ideal service for any one that wants to broaden their horizons when it comes to this much-loved beverage. An innovative way to purchase and consume tea, Tea Horse delivers Taster boxes straight to your front-door, giving subscribers the chance to sample four different loose leaf teas in small amounts each month.

The monthly box contains 40 unbleached paper tea filters, which allow the loose leaf to unfurl in the cup and infuse the full flavour, but still mean that a cup of tea is easy to make, without any mess or fuss. Subscriptions start at £11.95 a month, £35 for three months or £120 for a year.

Accessible: 25-34 year olds are the biggest drinkers of tea. Through Tea Horse Ali hopes to make loose leaf tea accessible, a valuable staple in the food lovers kitchen.

Next big thing: Tea is one industry that is behind in educating consumers about quality levels and origin. The tea market needs to adapt to this change in preferences if it is to keep its place in the nation’s hearts, and Tea Horse is perfectly poised to lead the way, in an affordable and inspiring way.

“Where once we loved our old faithful cup of builders, people now want variety and new flavours, to discover exciting tastes that they’ve not tried before – and they want better quality. This trend is at its peak when it comes to coffee, and tea drinkers are no different in demanding the best – and rightly so.” Ali Silk

Tea experts: Ensuring quality across Tea Horses range is Tim Clifton, a master tea taster of 30 years and former director of the United Kingdom Tea Council.

Tim has a vast knowledge of teas and how they are produced, with other previous roles including chairman for one of London’s leading tea brokers. Tim is available to do tea tasting sessions, for broadcast or print media.