Alternatives to surgery in the war against ageing

With so many people being conscious of their age and trying to hide the fact they are getting hold it is no surprise that they often turn to cosmetic surgery but a lot of people are now opting for the natural lift whether this being creams or another method.

Many people have been overwhelmed by the outstanding results they have seen from alternative methods of cosmetic surgery that have been nicknamed the bottled face lift. One of the alternatives to cosmetic surgery is a technique performed by a dermatologist, known as laser resurfacing.

The idea behind laser resurfacing is to quite frankly burn away the dermal layers and damaged skin which is has become a highly popular method of treatment for sufferers of fine line wrinkling, acne and even some types of scars.

Like any sort of treatment, laser resurfacing does come with its risks and there is a limitation as to how effective it can actually be and it can sometimes lead to scarring which could well possibly be worse than the original problem so your expectations need to be realistic.

You need to seriously consider whether this alteration is worth it however having said that there many people who have pursed this treatment for minor conditions and have had amazing results.

Another method is the old school anti-wrinkle creams that knock years off your age and they have been proven to have very little effect if any but that may be a thing of the past due to new technology that have brought about the likes of Lifecell skin wrinkle cream and Athena 7 Minute Left. These are wrinkle removing serums that take a bit longer than cosmetic treatments but can actually leave you face looking younger than generic anti-wrinkle creams due to tackling the wrinkling and ageing head on rather than just masking it like most creams do.