Anandi the Sleep Guru takes on Insomnia with Ancient and Natural Therapy

Over the past five years Anandi the Sleep Guru has developed a step-by-step approach to conquering insomnia called the Personal Sleep Review. Anandi was fighting her own insomnia for 15 years and tried sleeping tablets one day and quickly released they were not for her.

London-based Anandi, who travels widely, believes that most sleeping aids do not help with getting a good night’s sleep. She says that some people cannot do it alone and gadgets will not help solve sleep issues.

Anandi says, “The Personal Sleep Review is a powerful process that aligns with Ayurvedic healing, an ancient and natural therapy that originated in India which I then adapted to resolve sleeping problems. It removes the causes of sleep disturbances rather than masking them. This process is an easy to follow, systematic approach to a better night’s sleep.”

There are four different elements of support that Anandi offers. A free of charge discovery call is a 30-minute phone call with a snapshot assessment of the client’s sleeping pattern and what treatment can be used. A consultation (£325) with Anandi in London is a detailed Ayurveda constitution analysis with a full report and recommendations with a follow-up call to monitor progress.

There are two Personal Sleep Review options. A 90-day plan (£1,225) is everything included in a consultation plus a dietary analysis, an Ayurveda lifestyle plan and follow up calls every fortnight. The nine-month plan (£1,675) includes elements of the 90-day plan plus other resources provided by Anandi.

Anandi’s new book ‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’ is a combination of five years of experiments with the breath. The book addresses sleep problems and will also balance systems such as digestion as well as improved circulation and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Her book is now available on Amazon and on her website.

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