Anti-aging creams in your kitchen

There are many cosmetic preparations on the market today which claim to contain anti- aging properties that will do wonders for the skin. Noticeable among these are eye creams which claim to reduce wrinkles, lighten dark circles and eliminate swollen tissue around the eyes. Millions have been spent on cosmetic eye care products by the cosmetic industry.

There are alternatives to the cosmetic anti-aging creams available and these can be found in the kitchen. There are many cream recipes obtainable directly from the refrigerator and kitchen cupboard. They are not difficult to make and are far cheaper than the commercial product found in large department stores. Any cream, whether homemade or commercial, should be tested on a small section of skin before applying to the whole area.

A well known, tried and tested home cream is the Avocado cream. It is made by mixing three slices of avocado pear and five drops of almond oil into a paste. This paste should be applied around the eye area and left for five or six minutes. Thereafter the paste can be removed with warm water.

Other natural ways of lightening the skin in the eye area are the use of cucumber or potato slices. Used or soaked tea bags may also be applied to the eyelids. Some people have found the teabags to have a calming effect as well and this is an added bonus for tired eyes. Lemon juice may also be used to help eliminate dark circles around the eyes but care should be exercised as the juice may burn.

A further cream to try is one containing potato and applesauce cream. Mix two tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce with a small potato. Ideally a food processor is best for achieving a creamier paste. Apply the paste to the eye area and cover with a warm damp facecloth. Rinse the face after eight to ten minutes. In many cases the use of these creams has a relaxing effect as well.

A little common sense in the kitchen can help produce some excellent natural anti-aging creams and the cost is far less than many commercial products. Natural foods like olive oil and avocado pear are rich in minerals and nutrients which are vital to body health generally.