Applying lippy, a step by step guide

Common makeup mistakes that can cause you problems and ruin your over all look are heavy lip liner, lips that are drawn on and the wrong colour lipstick. Those who are unsure about how to use lipstick will skip that step of the process and leave the entire process completely out of balance.

Beginning with the lip line perfect looking lips are easily attainable. Your lips can look like they were made up by a makeup artist simply by following some very important steps. For example when the foundation is applied make sure it is over the entire lip so it will leave a base for the lipstick and lip liner.

With your mouth closed trace a very fine line around you entire lips with a pencil. Make sure the pencil is sharp not blunt since a blunt pencil will make it harder to blend. Starting at the V of the upper lip and moving outward make short strokes. After the top lip is penciled start from the middle of the lower lip and move towards the outside as well following the natural lip line.

If you want to make the lips look larger follow the naturalĀ  outer edge of the lip and do just the opposite if you want your lips smaller, follow the inside part of the natural lip line. If the entire lip is filled with lip liner than lipstick will stay on longer and if that is the technique desired then darker lip line with make your lipstick look much darker.

Once the lips are filled in then you can apply your lipstick with a brush this gives you more control. Then once they are painted, close your lips and lay a tissue across both to blot. Then you are ready to roll with just the perfect lips. Touch up can be applied during the course of the day.