Are celebs turning away from Botox

‘Do they or don’t they’ is often the question on everyone’s lips when it comes to celebrities, no more so than when debating whether celebrities have gone under the plastic knife or been given a thick lip or two with Botox.

The latest celebrity to ‘come out’ and own up to using Botox is Nicole Kidman. The question ‘who did she think she was trying to kid’ was, of course on everyone’s lips, not just her own. It’s not as if we hadn’t suspected. Anyone who can be that rigid on screen must be using something to control their forehead. After years of being in denial, she has finally come clean and admitted that she no longer uses it. Stop the presses.

Clearly, she was never planning to come out. It’s just that Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox came out as Botox best buddies. Apparently, they no longer use it either. Then again, it’s strange that these celebrities have come out and said that they don’t do something. If they are not doing that, it makes you wonder what they are doing. Maybe they have found some youthful elixir that will keep them forever young, or they have made a pact with the devil, or both.

Terri Hatcher, formerly of ‘Superman’ fame, went one step further when she took photos of her Botox-free face and posted them on Twitter. As you do. I wonder what she has for breakfast. It would appear then, that she is not such a desperate housewife after all. She is clearly quite content to grow old gracefully and let the best parts go to younger actresses.

There has to be a film in there somewhere. Maybe even two films. One made entirely with actors and actresses using Botox, one without. It would be interesting (or not) to see the differences between the two, to see whether the players were more wooden with Botox or without, or whether it didn’t make a scrap of difference.

Fortunately for us (relatively) normal people, there are people out there who have never gone near the stuff. Allegedly. Take Julia Roberts. Please. Apparently she never uses it, preferring the natural look and she has landed lots of lead roles in the last few years.