Audaca Launches Premium Natural Shaving and Skincare Range for Men

Audaca a natural premium label for skincare has just showcased its men’s skincare and shaving products manufactured and formulated in the UK made with the most pure essential oils and natural ingredients from all over.

Audaca’s concept is simple – to create the most effective products available, combining natural ingredients with traditional aromatherapy principles. Salix willow bark and Peruvian jojoba provide the ultimate in hydration, while volcanic pumice and walnut shells deliver superior exfoliation. A complex blend of essential oils including Brazilian orange, Pacific sandalwood and French cedarwood creates the unique signature aroma.

Co-founders Ravinder Roopra and Jamie Greenall conceived the concept after becoming disillusioned with the generic, bland skincare products on the men’s market. Inspired by their own travels and the use of natural remedies in ancient civilisations such as the 3,500-year-old Ebers Papyrus, the oldest known record of natural ingredients, they went on to create Audaca: Skincare for Modern Adventurers. The range consists of five premium products: Shave, Hydrate, Wash, Scrub and Soothe.

Ravinder explained, “We created Audaca because we felt there was a lack of top-quality, natural and ethical skincare for men. It’s been a real labour of love – we spent two years researching, developing and testing our products with a focus panel of men, and only made the products that they said really worked for them. We’re also passionate about exploration, which makes travel the ideal opportunity to research new ingredients.”

Ethical values are core to Audaca’s philosophy. Commitment to sustainably-sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging has already resulted in the brand receiving the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Company Accreditation.

The products are already finding favour with adventurers – Audaca is endorsed by Noel Hanna, a world-record holding mountaineer and explorer and co-founder of the Spartan Race. Noel commented, “In my line of work, my skin goes through a lot through cold and exposure to the elements. Audaca’s products work perfectly for me, and I love their ethos of exploration and sustainability.”

The Audaca range consists of the following products:


An invigorating face and body wash, ideal for all-round use. Egyptian orange and Pacific Island sandalwood fire up the senses and help shake off morning drowsiness, restoring hydration and gently cleansing the skin.


Audaca’s unique, high-glide formula gives a faster, closer shave with less irritation. Salix willow bark helps to prevent razor burn, leaving the skin feeling hydrated. Audaca Shave can also be used on the body.


A light, post-shave lotion formulated with aloe vera, vitamin E and almond oil to soothe and refresh the skin. The light, cooling and non-greasy formula makes Audaca Soothe ideal for use on the face, scalp or body after shaving.


A fusion of essential oils, vitamin E and jojoba seed oil, Audaca Hydrate is a quickly-absorbed, non-greasy moisturiser to counter the effects of day-to-day living.


Audaca’s exfoliating formula features volcanic pumice and walnut shells to remove dead skin and impurities. Use up to 2-3 times weekly on the face or body, and try it before shaving to lift trapped hairs and ensure a smoother, closer shave.

All products come in 100ml sizes, making them ideal travelling companions.  More information available from