Avoid diet snacks to help your diet

Do you pause at the pop vending machine every day and wonder grudgingly decide to get a diet can of pop and fat free fruit snacks.  You may be surprised to learn that your diet foods are actually causing you to gain weight instead.  Yep, that’s right.  Not only are you compromising taste, but you may actually be compromising your diet every time you choose something that is fat free or diet instead of the full flavour alternative.

The reason why is twofold but simple enough to understand.  First of all, essentially you are simply consuming empty calories when you choose foods that are fat free or diet, but you are also consuming some type of artificial sweetener, and research has shown that artificial sweeteners often make you even hungrier.

Therefore, you may think that you are doing yourself a favour but later you will be even hungrier and end up eating more for dinner or lunch then you otherwise would.  What’s worse, because you choose the ‘healthy’ snack you think you deserve it.  However, fat free does not equal calorie free so chances are your fat free crisps were just as bad for you as the full flavour version.

The true trick to dieting is not giving up everything you love; it’s learning how to balance it.  If you really want that coke just grab it, but make sure you limit yourself to one and drink water the rest of the day.  By indulging just a little each day you will keep your cravings under control and your diet balanced.

Besides, why settle for half the flavour when you are still getting all the calories, lose weight the healthy way by striking a balance and stop starving your taste buds of everything good in life!