Award winning gym Xercise4Less encourage people to get fit and focused

This Christmas the Colonel and his elf friend at award winning budget gym Xercise4Less have been encouraging people get fit and focused over the festive period with a series of fun fitness work outs. Christmas is a time of indulgence and we can often add a couple pounds without noticing. Therefore the team at Xercise4Less decided to run a series of fun work out videos to ensure that you stay fit and healthy this year and that you feel like a Christmas cracker!

Give your body a gift with 12 fun and easy work outs to celebrate the festive season. Whether you have a little weight to lose or you would like to just stay toned and trim, each exercise is designed to last no-longer than a minute and will raise your heart rate to ensure that you lose weight quickly and safely.

Join the duo on their Youtube channel with series of festive and fun work outs – Counting down through the 12 days of Christmas – the Colonel and his merry helper complete snow ball slams, sleigh drives and Santa squats. Each day has a new fun theme with a dynamic exercise and Christmas jingle to help you get into the mood.

Each exercise can be completed at home or at the gym. To get the most out of the Colonels latest videos, combine 3 or 4 videos at once, with a cardio session into one fat-blasting work out.

Try these work outs every day and you’re guaranteed to sparkle for the new year.

Get exercising!