Baby skin care products

There is an infinite amount of products for baby skin care out on the market at the moment and all of them say that they are best for your child. Some of them are natural baby care products found in Britain while others use a variety of chemicals to synthesize them. Here we take a closer look at the products and decide what would be best for you and your baby.

Some of the ingredients used in the products have such strange names that most of us do not know what they are. It is shocking to think that some of the ingredients are not as safe as we would like them to be.

Sodium laureth sulfate, for example, is commonly used in baby products and while that is safe to produce it the process makes another chemical called dioxane. It has been proved that dioxane causes cancer in animals. Although it has not been verified it is safe to assume that constant exposure to the chemical will increase the chance of cancer in humans.

As it can also cause allergic reactions, cause dandruff and irritate the eyes it is surprising to find it in bubble baths and baby shampoo. Sodium laureth sulfate is used to make other chemicals which are found in products which are less harsh on skin.

Companies that use it claim that as only a small amount is found in each product it is not sufficient to cause any harm. Other people, however, disagree and for that reason is it not better to use organic skin care products rather than take the chance with your child? Other ingredients such as mineral oils and those that are petroleum based could be unsafe. These could make your skin dry and flaky and may lead to UV-damage.