Be Different This Summer With Flair Hair

While we all look forward to balmy summer days, it can play havoc with our hair. The hot new product to sweep across America covers up your hair and if the amount of celebrities wearing them is anything to go by, they’re going to be as popular here in the UK.

‘Flair Hair Visors’ are fabulous, fun and funky. Their arrival in the UK coincides with ‘Sun awareness week’, which aims to make everyone aware of the dangers of over-exposing our skin to the sun. The sales of the visors have been phenomenal as news gets around of the uniqueness of the product.

What makes ‘Flair Hair’ such a quirky and original product is that it isn’t merely a sun visor, there is an integrated thatch of hair that covers the top of your head akin to a baseball cap. You can get the hair in Black, Brown, Grey and Blonde to either match or contrast with your hair. These are teamed with different coloured visors and there are nine adult styles currently available.

The combinations are as follows:

Black visor:                 blonde, brown or grey fake hair

White visor:                 brown or grey fake hair.

Red visor:                    black or brown fake hair.

Royal blue visor:         grey fake hair.

Flame design visor:     blonde, brown or grey fake hair.

Pink visor:                    blonde or brown hair.

Camouflage visor:       brown or grey hair.

USA flag visor:            brown or grey hair.

Red floral visor:           brown hair.

Celebrities and members of the public alike have found putting on a Flair Hair visor a truly irresistible proposition. Once seen, it is certainly never forgotten and the product raises a smile amongst both wearers and observers.  The product is not just unisex, but uni-generation, the over 50s being particularly big fans in the USA, particularly when the days of having natural hair have passed by

A Flair Hair visor helps its owner keep the sun off their head, whilst bringing sunshine and smiles to all occasions.  It helps the wearer stand out from the crowd at a variety of social occasions, can be used at sporting events such as cricket matches or golf days and makes a great gift.  They are also humorous additions to any stag or hen party celebrations and can be used as winter warmers too, keeping heads both warm and cool, according to the temperature.

Special sports edition Flair Hair visors have been made for various clubs and there is a children’s version which is a blue visor with blonde or brown hair.

To get the hottest head accessory in the UK today, visit Priced at just £14.99 for the adult version and £11.99 for the children’s, including delivery, it’s a must-have-hair purchase!