Belvia bra voted top underwear item by happy customers

It is a real struggle for women to actually find a bra that fits when they go shopping for new underwear. It’s a shocking statistic that it is estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra, but that is soon to become a thing of the past thanks to to Belvia Bra from JML.

They have created a bra that utlises a special fabric which is so stretchy that is moulds itself over your body. Consumers seem to be realising that this is the perfect solution to their bra buying problems as in the last year 1.5m have been sold in the UK. In addition, 10,000 satisfied customers have voted in Product of the Year in the Womens Clothing category.

Product of the Year is the world’s largest independent consumer-voted survey recognising the year’s most innovative consumer products. In the UK, over 10,000 shoppers participated in the survey in 2013. Philipp Lenz, Marketing Director of JML says “Our sales suggest we have an amazing product and to have it recognised by Product of the Year is a great boost. It’s wonderful to learn that over 10,000 shoppers recognize Belvia Bra as the leading innovator in our category.”

CEO of Product of the Year Management, Mike Nolan, says: “It’s encouraging to see so many brands continuing to invest in product innovation despite the tough economic climate. This year we’ve seen a trend for winning products which offer consumers extra convenience, showing that despite the downturn, we’re still willing to pay a little more to make our lives easier. Congratulations to Belvia for Winning in the Women’s Clothing category with an excellent product that gives consumers the seamless comfort they crave for everyday use.”

JML will update their latest television campaign to reflect this. It will prominently feature the Product of the Year endorsement, which it won for the Women’s Clothing Category. The logo will be on pack throughout 2013.

Dispensing with hooks and underwires the Belvia Bra uses a soft, breathable fabric which wraps around the chest. Because it moulds to your body it provides comfort leaving you with a fantastic looking shape. And it gets rid of the dreaded fat back effect. The Belvia Bra retails at £12.99 and is available at ASDA, Boots, Debenhams, Wilkinsons and