Best Kept Secrets’ nettle and mint soap bars a luxury for this season

Best Kept Secrets have been using the finest and freshest ingredients in its latest batch of soaps, and proving that they will go to any lengths to provide the very finest of ingredients for their luxury soap bars.

Hand picking Nettles in April from the grounds of Mitford Castle in Northumberland has become an annual pastime for the team, and ensures the very freshest and best of ingredients are included in their range of hand made and hand logged soaps.

Denise Edwards commented: ‘At this time of year, nettles are in an abundance and in beautiful Northumberland we can pick the nettles and have them in use within 24 hours, making our wonderful soaps like Rosemary and Nettle.’

‘We like to add our own hand picked ingredients to our soaps whenever we can, as it adds to the overall quality and finish of the product. Northumberland offers us not only a fantastic landscape but also access to some of the natural ingredients which make our products so unique. Whilst hand picking nettles is hard work, the benefits of this ingredient used from source are excellent, and the final product is testament to the quality processes we use in making these fabulous soaps.’