Beurer compiles list of its best health and wellbeing gadgets

Greater Manchester, England, 2nd November 2016: With Christmas just a couple of short months away and with the days starting to draw in, Beurer has compiled a list of some of its best health and wellbeing gadgets to help fight the winter blues.

November is the most miserable month of the year for millions of Brits with half blaming the dark evenings and plummeting temperatures, according to a survey by Beurer. One in five said dragging out their winter clothes from the wardrobe gets them down, and one in twenty complained because the kids are always poorly and off school.

The onslaught of children nagging for Christmas presents and the looming arrival of the in-laws in December were also factors in November being depressing.

The study by Beurer, makers of Wake-up and Daylight Lamps that combat S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), found 47 percent of Brits said it was the prospect of months ahead of them without sun that made November so dreadful.

And nearly two thirds said the gloomy climate made them feel genuinely depressed, which isn’t surprising when nearly HALF of us leave the house and arrive home in the dark.

Beurer’s new Wake-up and Daylight lamps can help. Here is a roundup of the new range:

1. Great for adults and kids, the WL 90 is an advanced and stylish 4-in-1 device that combines a wake-up light with a mood lamp, reading light and music station. Driven by the free Beurer LightUp app, users can configure alarms, predetermine light intervals, enable a simulated sunrise or sunset with a slowly changing light for gradual sleep or wake up and select from 256 different colours from the comfort of their smartphone. The WL 90 has 10 manual brightness levels alongside memory functions to store favourite combinations, and a range of melodies, FM radio, built-in Bluetooth, twin 3W speakers and smartphone charging makes it the ideal bedside accessory.

The Beurer WL90 is available exclusively from John Lewis and is priced at £130.

2. An alternative but equally stylish design comes in the form of the WL 80, which offers a similar range of features with a wake-up light and colour changing mood lamp. A dedicated smartphone stand and auxiliary connection offers music playback, users can play their own tracks via USB through the built-in MP3 player, choose from 10 different wake-up melodies or use the FM radio. It’s the ideal way to start your day!

The Beurer WL80 is available from John Lewis and is priced at £90.

3. Adjust the ambience of any room with the TL100 2-in-1, which combines a brightlight with a moodlight and has full smartphone control via the free LightUp app. Here you can configure alarms, predetermined light intervals, enable a simulated sunrise or sunset and select from 256 different colours from the comfort of your smartphone, with 10 brightness levels and memory functions to store your favourite combinations. Featuring a slim, modern design, energy-saving LED technology and 10.000 lux UV and flicker-free operation, the TL100 has been designed to help increase your feeling of well-being in the darker winter months.

The Beurer TL100 is available from John Lewis and is priced at £150.

4. The TL50 offers exceptional brightness and even illumination from its 25cm surface. Ideal for the lounge, bedroom or office while you’re reading, watching TV or working, it’s super easy to use with simple one-press operation and flicker-free startup for a natural experience. It’s the perfect solution for combating SAD symptoms such as imbalance, low mood, lack of energy and restlessness as the evenings and mornings grow darker.

The Beurer TL50 is available from John Lewis and is priced at £90.

5. Are you always on the move? The TL30 is an ultra-portable daylight lamp, perfect for those suffering from low mood and a lack of energy and drive during the winter months. It features an adjustable stand for portrait or landscape orientation and comes supplied with a carrying case. Similar in size to a tablet, the TL30 can slip into your bag so you can use it at work, school or whilst travelling.

The Beurer TL30 is available from John Lewis and is priced at £60.