Bland make-up is back

The 1990s revival that is taking place in the make-up industry has gone one step further and beyond the ‘almost gone’ look that has been quite trendy. Now people are looking at make up which whitens out their features. A lip balm which makes your lips look a rather bland colour has become popular and bleaching brows is also being seen on the catwalk.

Invisible brows have recently been seen on Rooney Mara, who starred in the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This is the sort of look that you will get if you choose to bleach your brows. Skin is conspicuously dull and understated and so it is a good idea to use a foundation that has excellent coverage. It is also wise to start with a primer as this can correct any errors you have on your skin and help reduce redness.

Hiding dark circles is also possible with something called the Halo Highlighting Wand which has recently been launched. You can also use finishing powder afterwards to make everything remain nicely in place.

A very popular product on the market right now are balms and creams which are an all round type of product that are able to highlight, tone, moisturised and illuminate your skin all in one process. The best thing about these as they only need to be applied once in the day and they will last throughout.

One of the best on the market is currently by Estee Lauder which also has a sun protection rating of 35. This particular product has an amazing ability to lighten even those with the most tired of complexions.

Brightening powder by Dust Laura Mercier can be added on top of this to prevent your skin looking shiny. If you want to continue with the natural look and it would be a good idea to just use a simple gloss on your lips. The idea if you are following this type of make up is not to look polished but to look healthy and natural. If you don’t want your lips to be particularly glossy then it can be a good idea to just go for a regular lip balm.

It is important to keep your skin fresh and muted to prevent you from appearing like a doll. Rosy pink blusher is a good idea as it doesn’t look overly intense and has a simple, but great looking, effect.

In regard to hair, dying the tips is still very popular and recently the catwalk has seen many different shades being used and it seems that nothing is currently too outrageous. It is also important to make sure that your hair is well taken care of, especially in the winter as your hair can become particularly weak.

Therefore it is a good idea to use damage repair hair shampoo and conditioner in order to make sure your hair always looks good. There are many different serums available for this as well which you can leave in.