BookYourLifestyle helps UK slimmers connect with health and fitness services

Introducing BookYourLifestyle – a brand new community of health, fitness and beauty enthusiasts, connecting customers with fantastic value services and products that will help them look and feel fantastic. With a multitude of exciting discount deals in major cities across the UK, it’s never been easier to find local beauticians, personal trainers and health experts that can help transform your lifestyle for less.

One of the key focus areas for BookYourLifestyle is fitness and health. An exclusive survey by the BookYourLifestyle team has revealed that, over the last year, 50% of women and 40% of men have attempted to lose weight solely by eating less. 40% of women and 50% of men have also tried to lose weight by exercising more. For an effective weight loss method, a combination of the two is recommended – and BookYourLifestyle can help with both.

By connecting men and women with fitness classes and health services they need to kick-start meaningful weight loss, BookYourLifestyle is about to become every slimmer’s best friend this summer. Whether they’re meeting with a local nutritionist, attending a Pilates class or heading to a demanding boot camp session, the discount deal platform can help connect customers with the services that will spark their weight loss ambitions into life.

A spokesman for BookYourLifestyle says, “Summer is fast approaching, and many men and women are focusing on weight loss to get trim for weekends at the beach or at a festival. At BookYourLifestyle, we can help slimmers connect with fitness and health experts in their area. Whether you’re looking for low-impact fitness classes like yoga or Pilates, or whether you want to overhaul your diet with regular advice from a nutritionist, we can help customers find the deals that will help them look and feel better than ever.”

BookYourLifestyle aims to showcase the very best discount deals in the UK, with high-quality suppliers and qualified experts in every field. From local salons to studios, the platform will help users pinpoint the best deals in their local area, so they can be the very best version of themselves – without breaking the bank.

The platform is currently operating in all major cities across the UK – whether you’re in Aberdeen or York, fitness fanatics and health nuts will find something to tickle their fancy. All users have to do is select their location and the type of service they require, and a list of suggested suppliers will appear, with a multitude of great deals to choose from.

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