BOTOX as an anti aging procedure

In the face the muscles lay directly over the bones of the skull. On top of that there is a lay of fat (varies on thickness depending upon location), for example around the eyes and forehead are extremely thin.

The Dermis – Which lies directly below fatty layer is the deepest part of the skin. The dermis is made up of a bunch of woven collagen fibers. These collagen fibers provide the strength of the skin as well as the elasticity. These collagen fibers are able to constantly renew themselves.

Then we have the Epidermis, this is the outer most layer of our skin. It is also divided into four different layers. The basal layer, which is the deepest part of the epidermis produces new cells which rise through each of the layers replenishing and hardening as they get closer to the top.

Once the reach the surface (the outside of our skin) they basically dye and fall off. This is an endless cycle that happens continuously as we age. When we are babies this process happens about every week, and then as we get older say in our 40’s this happens every month to month and half.

There are two types of wrinkles active and passive. Active wrinkles happen when we “Actively” make them, which means we do something at that moment to cause them, and they are not bad. The “Passive” wrinkles are the ones we hate, they are always there no matter what we do.

What happens is the Dermis becomes more brittle as we get older and as we make more movements it becomes weaker and loses its elasticity that allows it to flatten back out again. So we get what are known as “Passive” wrinkles that remain in place no matter what we are doing.

So, as we get older and this skin becomes more brittle or less elastic we have to do something. Botox when applied to the muscles weakens the muscles and allows them to contract again like they used to, which causes the skin to smooth out and look younger and healthier.

This is the look that everyone is going for, we always want to look younger and more beautiful. What many people don’t know is that if you start to attack the “Active” wrinkles with Botox in our 30’s or early 40’s it makes it a lot easier to weaken these muscles and we are able to slow down the “Aging Process”. It is a lot easier to play “Preventive Care” than “Repairing Care”.

Now we all know that it is inevitable that we are all going to age and there is really nothing we can do about it, but with these advancements in science we can at least slow down the hand of time and try to keep our youthfulness and beauty as long as possible right.