British and Irish Lions proving to be eye candy in Australia thanks to their grooming

The members of the British and Irish Lions are known for their Adonis-like and rugby honed bodies. They are now on tour in Australia so their fans can see them in flesh. Britain women can’t help but scream every time photos of British and Irish Lions are frolicking on the beach. The members of the team are characterized by their perfectly formed biceps and stomach muscles.

At a closer look, you will find out that these handsome men do not have any chest hair. Actually, they are not the only men who have bald torso. These men are indeed the most disconcerting rugby players in town. As you know, rugby players basically have hairy and muscular torso. Rugby players supposed to look as if they are Neanderthal brutes.

British and Irish Lions trademark look is a fit body bereft of hair. A recent survey was conducted aiming to find out how men take care of their chest hair. In the conducted survey, it was found that one out of five men pluck, wax, or shave their chest hair. Furthermore, a separate survey revealed that 66% of women prefer men with little chest hair or those men with no chest hair at all.

Where all the real men really gone? Looking back, hairy chest becomes a trend especially for celebrities. Actors like Tom Selleck and Ted Danson wooed women because of their hairy chest. However, this trend eventually disappeared in the 80s.

Jason Shankey, a male grooming expert said that men today prefer to have a smooth as babies’ bottoms. Furthermore, body builders decided to shave their chest hair so that they can show off their muscles. As the number of men who go to the gym increases, more and more men also acknowledge the fact that hair free chest looks better.