Cambridge-base Lumie Clear Acne Sufferers are Achieving Great Results

Lumie Clear, the hand-held light therapy device for treating acne from Cambridge-based light therapy specialists Lumie, is achieving remarkable results in the current ‘See The Difference’ campaign.
So far the seven trialists are reporting significant improvements in their skin and the first to complete, Daisy Dykes, is thrilled her skin is now clear enough not to need make-up.

“Lumie Clear is continuing to help my skin and I am feeling very positive. My skin feels smooth in texture and no itchiness or redness. I definitely recommend Lumie Clear – it’s a hassle-free solution and easy to bring into your normal skincare routine.”

Lumie Clear is a safe and gentle light therapy for mild to moderate acne that was developed with input from the research team of leading dermatologist Dr Tony Chu at Hammersmith Hospital. It’s the only light therapy device for acne that offers combined red and blue light therapy . Blue light kills the Propionibacterium acnes (or P. acnes for short) that causes acne while red light reduces inflammation and heals the skin. In trials, Dr Chu found that patients with moderate acne reported a 76% improvement in inflammation after 12 weeks of blue and red light therapy with a 58% improvement in number of spots.

According to the NHS, about 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will be affected by acne but it can go on into later life. Many of the over-the-counter treatments and antibiotics can have side-effects such as burning, redness and drying of the skin and may only work for a limited time.   The combined oral contraceptive pill can help but comes with its own adverse side-effects. Lumie Clear is completely natural and can be used safely either on its own or alongside existing treatments.

Daisy started using Lumie Clear on a daily basis for 15 minutes to treat the acne on her face: “I always use Lumie Clear at the same time every evening so it has become part of my routine. Usually just before I go to sleep I like to use it while reading or watching television. Within two weeks of using Lumie Clear I saw an improvement, although not to the point where I could go out without make-up. About week 6 I started to see a real difference in texture. I wasn’t developing as many new spots and my skin was less red and calmer.”

Now, having completed Lumie’s See the Difference Challenge after 12 weeks, Daisy feels more

confident about her skin and is happy to be seen without full make-up.

Dr Rakesh Patalay, Consultant Dermatologist , says: “Acne is not just a teenage condition. We are seeing increasing numbers of older people with the condition and persistent acne can have a large impact on your quality of life. Lumie Clear can be used by anyone without prescription and is complementary to other treatments.”

Lumie Clear (RRP £149) comes with a 45-day free home trial when bought directly from the company. It is also available from Boots, Tesco and amazon.