Can you guess which celebrities have had cosmetic surgery?

Trying to work out which celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery, and of what kind, can be more difficult than you would think. Professor Laurence Kirwan is a noted cosmetic surgeon, and he says that it requires both a trained eye and a long and careful look to determine who and what.

He added that whilst it was often obvious what work had been done, it wasn’t always easy, and those who have had the most done will be the easiest to spot, while you shouldn’t be able to see any trace of the odd procedure or two. Opinions are just that and are not statements of fact at all, and it is only the celebrities, and their surgeons if they have one, who knows what, or what not, they have had done.

Professor Kirwan is a recognised international leader in aesthetic plastic surgery with clinics in Harley Street, London; New York City; and Connecticut, USA. He specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body.

Former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston has admitted to having nose surgery and Kirwan said that’s probably the extent of her cosmetic surgery. “The two obvious things to look for are Botox and a boob job but it doesn’t look to me as though she’s had either done,” said Kirwan.

Liz Hurley is one who looks to the trained eye as though she hasn’t had surgery, Kirwan said. “She probably has had Botox and fillers in some areas but I doubt surgery. She seems to have taken good care of her skin and watched her diet,” he said.

Twenty-five-year-old Megan Fox looks like she’s had her nose done, though, Kirwan said. “Her face looks fairly smooth but she’s only in her mid-20s so that’s to be expected. However, 29-year-old Sarah Harding seems to have had a boob job, Kirwan said. Her slim figure and large bust seem rather incongruent, he said. “Her bust is not bad, but it is certainly big.