Celebrities cellulite free skin attributed to £8.99 product

Kate Hudson and Madonna are rarely afraid to show skin, but you might not be either if you did not have any cellulite on your body. So, the question is, how do these stars that are so far apart in age still manage to always look great? It turns out the secret to their firm looking skin is not actually lavish trips to the spa, but instead one beauty tool that only costs a very affordable £8.99.

Apparently, both celebs attribute their good looks to Dr. Organic’s Organic Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream. Royal Jelly has been around for quite some time. The name is actually a play on the food substance that the queen honey bee eats, and is said to be something that will offer ‘eternal youth’ when it is consumed by humans.

Whether or not the folklore is true, it does seem as if the gel is working great for both A-list celebs given the fact that they always have smooth, toned, and flawless skin when they are showing it off.

The massage cream can be applied to just about anywhere in the body and simply needs to be rubbed in. In return, it helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin where it is placed. Hudson even claims that it helped her to avoid cellulite while she was pregnant!

It is actually made out of many different ingredients including shea, aloe vera, honey, and cocoa butter. In addition, the gel is able to increase oxygen supply, nutrition, and increase blood circulation throughout the body.

Overall, when used regularly this will help to stop the skin from that ‘orange peel’ look that sometimes start to occur. It also can help slim down thigh and bottom volume which is something almost every woman can embrace!