Changing your hairstyle can be a real confidence booster

Making a major change to your image is a big decision. Changing your hairstyle is a complicated process and it is something that many women admit is something they do not do as much as they would like. Women involved in research recently said that one of the reasons they do not stay in style is because of fears about changing their hairstyle.

The research also revealed that the average woman keeps the same hairstyle for around 6 and a half years, with many not changing their hair since they were in their teenage years. 30 percent of women said they are unhappy with their hair, but do not want to change it, more amazingly still, 60 percent of women said that they did not change the way they wore their make up or dressed.

The study involved over 2000 women and found that their biggest concerns were about how their friends, or partner, would react to the change in style. Another interesting statistic revealed by the study was that women don’t tend to change their hairstyle, whether they are at work, or socialising.

Nikki McReynolds is the marketing director for Remington and she has commented, “Unfortunately, what this shows is that women generally have a lack of confidence when it comes to changing their appearance.

A consistent image is something that they are comfortable with and they are not brave enough to change this for fear about what other people would say. One of the best ways that women can adapt to change is to make adjustments to their appearance slowly, this can be a real boost self-confidence and ultimately lead to a very different image.”