Chocolate and other goodies may cause anger and even violence

It is claimed that the effort in maintaining self control over the eating of something can lead to aggressive behavior and a preference to violent films says a recent study. For example it says people choosing an apple over a chocolate bar more often than not, chose movies with anger and revenge than calmer movies.

Those that chose financial restraint by purchasing a gift certificate for groceries instead of one for spa service, showed a greater interest in seeing angry faces than fearful ones and in another, dieters were more in agreement with their opinions with a public policy message that was anger inducing if funds are not raised for additional police training, causing more criminals to possibly escape than they were against a sad message.

The last one showed those that chose a healthy snack instead of a tastier one that was less healthy were more irritated by the message that came across as being tyrannical. The study’s authors, David Gal and Wendy Lui, set out to examine if exerting self control can lead to a wide range of bad behaviours.

People are more likely to behave more aggressively towards others research shows if they exert self control, mentioning that people are known to be quick tempered and irritable when dieting and the potential for negative emotions needs to come to the attention of policy makers.