Christian Abouhaidar’s trademark look with new eyelashes range

Beauty fans across the globe are constantly seeking a flawless look, as trends move from over-the-top, harsh makeup styles to those that cleverly use products to enhance natural beauty. No body executes this better than Lebanese celebrity make-up artist, Christian Abouhaidar. Famed across the Middle East for his trademark creations, his work leaves his models with dewy skin, watery eyes and a gorgeously natural glow. The creative make-up expert has captured the essence of his signature beauty style in his new range of eyelashes, handcrafted in the finest materials for a truly natural appearance. Those searching for the perfect finishing touch to their natural beauty routine need to look no further than this new range of eyelashes from the leading make-up expert.

The exquisite collection of false eyelashes from the renowned make-up artist is produced in imitation mink tail hair, using a specific cut to form each lash’s perfect shape. The delicate hairs are then dyed by hand and left to dry naturally in the wind. Once dry these fine strands are shaped, again using the human touch, into each of the five styles of eyelashes on offer in the luxury range of beauty accessories. Designed using the make-up artist’s vast wealth of experience, these eyelashes are unlike others on the market, creating an elegant, sophisticated and natural look as opposed to one that is drowned in fakery.

Christian Abouhaidar said, “Make-up is a wonderful tool, but just because we are painting the face it doesn’t mean that the final appearance should seem false or overdone. In fact, the thing that fascinates me most about make-up is its ability to enhance the best features of a model. This is what motivates me, and over the years I have experimented with the latest products and ways of working to find the perfect combination to create the perfect, natural glow.”

Christian continued, “The eyes are an important element of any beauty look, and using the wrong accessory to highlight them can give off the wrong impression completely. Gorgeous, dewy skin and wholesome, plump lips would look out of place when using stiff, cheap eyelashes to frame the eyes. My collection of eyelashes completes every natural look with the sophistication, glamour and elegance it deserves.”

There are five unique styles to choose from in the show-stopping collection of false eyelashes, each pair staying perfect for up to 10 applications.  Browse the full range of natural looking eyelashes online at