Colours Can Change The Way You Look and Feel This Christmas

Discover how colours can change the way you look and feel this Christmas and which Celebrity is wearing them best!

Do you need some stamina and energy to get through the day or are you feeling really stressed and unable to cope, under the weather or recuperating from an illness?

As the Christmas period approaches, some of us welcome it and others just dread it! Colour can help through emotionally supporting us at this time of the year and it can also help us look great for all those festive activities! Jules Standish, Celebrity Colour Consultant gives us some of her top colour tips to see us through the season.

Red is sexy and romantic and if you want to get noticed at Xmas parties then wear it in abundance! Red increases energy levels through releasing adrenaline, so if you need a boost then this is the colour for you! However, avoid too much red on Xmas day when relationships need to be harmonious as red can also be confrontational. Wear a gorgeous red dress or surround yourself with red decorations and plants.

Holly Willoughby looks lovely in pink red, Cheryl Cole looks stunning in bright red and Katy Perry smoulders in dark burgundy red.

Are you feeling the Xmas strain, stress levels running high? Then get into some blue! It releases oxytocin a hormone that relaxes the nervous system. Get some peace and calm by wearing the shades of blue that suit you – as the colour of communication it’s also great to wear at job interviews or making speeches.

Denise Van Outen looks pretty in pale blue, Katie Price tanned and dynamic in turquoise and Dita Von Teese looks classic and sultry in navy.

Feeling run down, fighting off some lurgy? Green is the natural balancer and a great colour to wear to keep you fit and well over the busy Xmas period, as it helps to strengthen the system. Wear a green scarf or go for a walk in nature, alternatively eat some greens!

Cameron Diaz has the skin tone for mint green, Kate Moss suits lime and Nigella Lawson’s cool tones are enhanced with deep emerald.

Need to keep the peace this Xmas? Then purple is the colour of choice. “Psychologist Sue Firth, author of ‘More Life-less Stress’ feels that the best colour to wear at Christmas is purple. Purple is the colour of Psychology and helps keep people calm and harmonious when meeting again after a prolonged time apart or for keeping us peaceful in a difficult family atmosphere”

Pale purple suits Angelina Jolie, whilst Danii Minogue looks radiant in the warm shades and Kirsten Stewart amazing in rich dark purple.

Need some confidence for all those parties over Xmas? Orange is a wonderfully sociable and joyous colour and helps to liberate our emotions and disperse fears as well as helping with tiredness and depression. If it’s too warm a colour for your skin tone, then drink orange juice, eat some peaches and get into some lovely coral coloured underwear!!

Coral is a beautiful colour for red heads with pale skin-tone like Nicola Roberts, bright orange makes golden skins glow like Jennifer Aniston’s and orange red is stunning on Beyonce’s dark skin.