Cosmetic Surgeons Treating Sweaty Palms Successfully With Botox

With help from Transform’s cosmetic surgery experts and Botox, hyperhidrosis sufferers are finally able to find relief. This means there are no more embarrassing handshakes with clammy hands, no more repelling the recipients of these handshakes and no more broken deals caused by a show of nerves and sweaty palms.

Transform, the UK’s top cosmetic surgery company and its team of experts has found a new use for the popular wrinkle treatment Botox. The cosmetic surgery experts are sure this news will excite the 1% of Britons currently living and suffering with this condition.

The cosmetic surgery company has noticed more current and new Botox users are inquiring about the treatment than ever before. In fact, they believe the balmy weather and the recession are both responsible for the 200% increase the group has seen since October of 2009.

Most of the patients making enquiries, Transform said, are males who have had enough of treatments that don’t provide much in terms of relief; they’re ready for something a little more long-term.

Botox treats hyperhidrosis and prevents profuse perspiration by blocking off the nerves beneath the skin that lead to the sweat glands. This prevents signals from reaching the sweat glands and triggering the start of moisture production. The entire procedure requires about ten minutes and only needs to be re-administered twice annually.

Transform’s Non-Surgical Manager Gwen Davies explains: “We here at Transform have noticed more and more hyperhidrosis patients are desperately seeking an effective treatment that will stop the excessive sweating and the associated side effects. The Palm-tox treatment was originally introduced to treat excessive sweating in the underarm area, which affects approximately one in every hundred UK residents.”

“Our fantastic team of cosmetic surgeons are always seeking alternative uses for Botox in an effort to treat other health conditions and improve the life of our patients. This has led to our ability to treat a number of conditions including jaw-grinding (bruxism), migraines and sweating in addition to cosmetic uses such as wrinkle treatments. However, we urge the public to understand procedures like Palm-tox must only be performed by experience professionals who have received special training,” continued Transform’s Manager.

The Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group is the top provider of surgical and non-surgical procedures in the country with over 35 years of experience in the industry. They provide a full line up of services at their 24 locations including tummy tucks, nose jobs, breast implants and facelifts.