Crowdfunding Campaign For World’s Most Comfortable Bra Launches ‘Vlogumentary’

Part one of an exciting journey to create the world’s most comfortable bra has now been posted on YouTube, as the team behind the revolutionary Kewi Bra build momentum to the beginning of their crowdfunding campaign. The Kewi Bra has been engineered by experts to provide a comfortable underwear solution for large-breasted women, with a patented ‘floating’ construction that offers optimum support for women size D-cup and above.

The team behind the bra have documented their mission with a unique ‘vlogumentary’ , now available to view on YouTube. The first part of the film shows the extensive steps the engineers, physics experts and design gurus have taken to ensure that, when it hits the market, the Kewi Bra will free thousands of women from back pain and provide total comfort for them, guaranteed.

Muyiwa Olumide, Founder and CEO of Kewi Bra, says, “In the build-up to our forthcoming crowdfunding campaign to raise money and support for the Kewi Bra, we decided to give our backers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at our efforts, as we strive to create the world’s most comfortable bra. Thousands of women across the world suffer with back complaints and discomfort as a result of having larger breasts, and after five years of consultation, research, analysis and prototypes, we have finally engineered a pioneering product that will free them from a lifetime of back pain.”

He adds, “We’ll be adding new updates to our social media accounts with the hashtag #KewiKickstarter, so we’d encourage everyone to get involved and help us to reach our target – for women everywhere!”

The Kewi Bra is no ordinary bra – it has been engineered by experts to revolutionize underwear forever. The patented device replaces the traditional bra underwire, providing lightweight, high-precision lift for larger breasts. Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and with a unique ‘floating’ system that provides structure and conforms smoothly to the female anatomy, the Kewi Bra is set to change the face of underwear design and ensure that women will never have to resort to uncomfortable underwires and unsupportive garments again.

Using engineering techniques as opposed to simple clothing design rules, the Kewi Bra team have created a bra that improves the posture by moving stress away from the shoulders and transferring weight from the breasts into the Kewi device. There are no straps to put pressure on sensitive nerves around the neck, there are no underwires that can poke through and cause irritation, and the soft and silky material means it’s totally breathable and comfortable to wear with any outfit – whether women are heading to the office or running around with the kids.

As the launch date for the crowdfunding campaign approaches, Mr Olumide and the rest of the Kewi Bra team will be posting more behind-the-scenes glimpses into the journey they have taken to get the bra to the stage it is today – fully approved and patented, and ready for launch to the women of the world.

For more information about the Kewi Bra, visit the website: http://www.Kewi

To view the first part of the documentary and updates on the #KewiKickstarter campaign, visit the YouTube page: