Curly hair is right in vogue

Having curly hair can be a great way to develop a new look and at the moment it has become very fashionable. It is also a great way to wear your hair if you are going to a special event or occasion.

When you are curling hair the most essential thing is to make sure that it is dry and clean. For those who want to get extra volume then attaching a diffuser to the hairdryer when drying your hair will give the curls a more full appearance.

Using spray to protect your hair from heat is also important. When curling hair the heat can be damaging and protection spray will prevent this.It will also mean that your hair looks shiny when you have finished.

When curling hair there are three main sections of the head you should focus on: The bottom of the hair near the ears, the section between the temples and the hair on the crown of the head.

If you want to curl your hair in the ringlet style, then you should split your hair into several different sections. These should all be about the same size and each one of these will be one curl. When curling ringlets use the curling iron in a vertical position and not sideways, this will make sure that you get a smoother curl that will hold in position for longer.

Creating relaxed curls is a very similar process but instead of holding the curling iron vertically, you should hold it in a horizontal position. The size of the barrel on your curling tongs will determine the size of the curls, therefore if you are hoping to create loose curls then you should use a larger sized barrel.

Shampoo can be an alternative way to get curly hair. You can use curl definition shampoo along with a diffuser to create a gently wavy look. This method will work particularly well for people who already have slightly wavy hair. Once you have curls in your hair, you can make the curls look more natural by running your fingers through them.