Customized for the Crowd

The fashion label Customized for the Crowd was first created in Denmark in 2005 with a single goal in mind; to create all day favourites for women and children that can be worn time and time again. It has, over the past 6 years, become a top selling brand and over one million T shirts have been sold in Denmark, a country with a population of only six million people.

Almost every Danish woman owns a T shirt made by Customized for the Crowd, and  every one of them can relax in the knowledge that all the products are dermatologically tested and meet rigorous EU standards for textiles, being made from 100% soft cotton, super prima cotton and cotton/modal etc. The versatility of the garments makes them true staples in your wardrobe, and they will literally go with anything.

The tops, t shirts and dresses in the range have all been designed to become your every day favourites as they come in every style and colour you can possibly imagine. All of the tops come minus those irritating tags and snagging stitches and are extra long in both the body and the arms to give a feeling of total comfort as well as being the ultimate fit. They are also pre-shrunk and most have been treat with anti-peeling.

They were one of the first collections in the Hi Hi online store when it opened in 2007, and has proved to be a consistent top seller. The big appeal of Customized for the Crowd is not that it is a revolutionary product or even a statement, it is the fact that it is a very simple concept; a product that has been designed to be the best it possible can. An idea that has customers flocking and the items flying off the shelves.

The range of items is basic granted, but are the kind of items that everybody wears on a day to day basis, those basic items you pull out of your wardrobe in the morning without giving it much thought. Customized for the Crowd have also revolutionised the ‘one size fits all’ garment as, thanks to the fabrics they use, these items fit everyone between 6-16, so maybe it isn’t quite fits all, but certainly the majority.

Customized for the Crowd have come an awful long way in a relatively short time, but their simple designs seem set to become wardrobe staples of women right across Europe.