Daley Thompson To Launch His First Gym Daleyfitness

Daley Thompson, Gavin Sunshine and Steve Gutteridge are launching the first gym in the DaleyFitness brand.

Daley Thompson claims more decathlon honours than anybody before or after him.
Daley was the first person ever to hold the World, Olympic, Commonwealth and
European titles at the same time, as well as the World Record.

Gavin Sunshine, CEO. Gavin the ‘Fitness Whisperer’ has worked in the fitness business all his life and is completely devoted to making DaleyFitness the best gym in the world. Gavin has also competed for Great Britain and the little rascal still holds the British Junior Record for Heptathlon.

Steve Gutteridge, GM. Steve is a former Great Britain Decathlete with 25 years within the leisure industry, covering a number of diverse areas from restaurants, bar, nightclubs and health clubs. From personal training to developing athletes and running a 50,000 sqft sports facility, Steve brings great experience and a wealth of knowledge to the job of running world-class gym.

Daleyfitness is aimed at people of all abilities, whether you want to run a 10K, keep up with your kids or enter a national championship; we have the personnel and the experience to help you achieve your goals.

Daley believes that he and his team will bring something a little different to the fitness industry. With over 90 years of training between them and having seen what is out there, their experience will hopefully drive DaleyFitness to be the name that is synonymous with fitness and fun.

One area that differentiates DaleyFitness from their competitors can be found in the Old School Gym room that the team has built into the gym. Wall bars, leather medicine balls, climbing ropes and a good old-fashioned horse vault box. Daley says “There is some great modern science within the industry but I don’t think you can beat getting your fitness the old fashion way…You earn it”

The team say, “Our mission is to inspire people to change their lives, as we love what we do and our commitment is to our client’s goals. We will develop fun and effective exercise programs that give our clients variety and meet their needs. DaleyFitness strives to give all of our clients the kind of service that (hopefully!) they think of as the best part of their day’.

‘A gym is not just about the equipment and the classes, the most important part of our gym is the team behind it. From Wesley the maintenance genius all the way down to Daley, we are all a team”

DaleyFitness believes that a variety of training helps to sustain a fit, healthy body and lifestyle. This is why we use a lot of old techniques mixed with new training concepts. DaleyFitness will be introducing you to classes such as:

Old school fitness.
Anti gravity yoga
Boxmaster training
The ultimate cardio blast.

We will also be introducing you to trainers and their classes:

The Fitness Whisperer
The Hit Squad
Maydine’s Monday madness¬¬¬
Steve Adj’s Bootylicious
Ronnie’s bands
Daley & Gavin’s Old meets New.
The Cuban

To be a part of all of this, just log onto www.daleyfitness.com and join us.