Dannii Minogue using Bee Venom Mask alternative to Botox

Stacey Solomon may not have won the X Factor but mentor Dannii Minogue is still smiling, thanks to a revolutionary new product made from bee venom.

The Aussie judge criticised for overusing Botox has now turned to the organic alternative produced by beautician to the stars, Deborah Mitchell.

Dannii, aged 38, who was criticised during the last series of X Factor for appearing too plastic due to her overuse of Botox injections, has even highlighted the Bee Venom Mask produced as part of the organic Heaven range on her blog, claiming it really is “an alternative to Botox”.

Deborah – who owns Heaven beauty salon in Shifnal, Shropshire, (http://www.heavenskincare.com) and has developed her own range of beauty products and therapies, with a celebrity client list including Victoria Beckham and Michelle Pfeiffer – claims the innovative product gives an instant anti-aging effect, as it helps to control the facial muscles.

But unlike Botox, the product contains a host of natural, organic ingredients, including bee venom, Manuka honey, shea butter and essential oils.

Deborah has been treating Dannii for more than five years, after being introduced to Heaven products and therapy treatments by her big sister, Kylie, who is also a big fan of the range.

Dannii had asked Deborah about the Bee Venom Mask whilst having a treatment with her at The Hale Clinic in London.

“Dannii always likes to try anything new that I develop, so I was delighted that she wanted to use it, as I knew it would give her just what she needed and help her to look fantastic,” said Deborah.

“There is a definite change in her this series of X Factor, and she is certainly more popular with the public than she was before – she was voted the most popular judge. She had been criticised for having no facial expressions, but now she looks great, really healthy, and I am thrilled she is using one of my products to help achieve this.”

“When Dannii was using Botox, her emotions and expressions did not show, which is what she needed as she was going through a difficult time, but now, with regular LIA Therapy treatments and Heaven’s organic products, she is caring for her skin in the most natural way possible. Her newfound happiness is really shining through!”

Dannii’s use of Botox last year, due to external stresses was well documented, however, this year is a different story as she has transformed her appearance and the opinion of the British public, whilst staying young with Heaven products and treatments.

“I have developed all of the Heaven range myself and insist on using ingredients which are sourced in the UK, and 100 per cent organic,” explained Deborah.

“Thankfully, more and more people are turning away from Botox as they are worried about its long-term effects, and looking for more natural alternatives, such as my Bee Venom Mask which is proving a huge hit.”

“I have already been inundated with orders, as it is turning out to be a popular gift this Christmas. I know June Brown (from EastEnders) has already bought some to give to friends, including Jerry Hall, this year.”

More details about Deborah’s Bee Venom Mask and her full range of products and treatments are available at www.heavenskincare.com