Dealing with freckles as part of your beauty routine

Beauty is something that a lot of us spend money on. Whether it is with creams or beauty products, we often try to get our looks to be as good as it gets. We get rid of curly hair, pluck brows and try to fill in thin layers. Complexions have to be taken care of and many people use dye on their hair or even try to change eye colour with the help of contact lenses.

Then there are freckles. Those are not typically considered to be a negative when it comes to beauty, at least from outsiders. Those who have freckles will usually tell you that they would much prefer not having them. Many even consider freckles to be a pox on their face and body, something that often gets covered up with beauty lotions and make up. This leads some people to think that these freckles would be much better off if they were gone altogether.

This kind of wish is not that uncommon and now there are products that can mimic this effect. You do not need a facial run of polka in order to get a better looking face. Some try to use Sass & Bide with light brushing and cover that up with Moschino Cheap & Chic, and then we have the original freckle-less look for the same face.

This trend came out from spring and summer shows from last year, where backstage many models started using this type of technique. Holly Fulton is famous for being a freckled person who did not wish their face to look that way on TV.

London Fashion Week is now attacking this problem thanks to designer Kinder Aggugini who sprinkles cheeks in order to complement such a rosy lifestyle at sea. House of Holland for example is a great place where this happens, and St Tropez is trying to get into the action by giving models something called the geek chic tan with a paintbrush.