Dealing with thread veins

Thread veins affect many people and it is a fact that they are hereditary, meaning that if either of your parents suffer from them, then there is a good chance that you will as well. Hormonal changes to the body can also cause thread veins and this is why many pregnant women suffer from them. They usually disappear after the pregnancy but women who have multiple pregnancies may find that they re-appear permanently.

Although they are perfectly harmless, they are not nice to look at and this is obviously why most women want rid of them. It is possible to have them removed surgically but there are also non-invasive procedures available nowadays. Cosmetic agencies can remove them by laser or another light treatment known as the Intense Pulsed Light procedure.

This treatment is really effective on thread veins between 1 and 3 millimetres and it usually takes 2 to 5 sessions to get rid of them completely. Another treatment is known as sclerotherapy. This is when a solution is injected into the veins, that removes them and after 3 or 4 sessions of this the skin is left completely smooth and blemish-free.

All this is very good news for women who may have an aversion to surgery and anyway these treatments are much less invasive and easier all round. A woman will feel much better in herself and much more confident in the way that she looks once the thread veins are removed.

It is a fact that every woman wants to look good and feel good about herself. If you suffer from thread veins it is not pleasant. Most of us are very conscious about our bodies and something unsightly on our skin makes us want to cover up and therefore it is impossible to wear the clothes that we might want to.