Dealing with unsightly cracked heels

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from a condition where they have cracked heels, where the backs of the feet go yellow and the skin hardens. This is generally something that is caused by an unusual amount of pressure being put on the feet, or shoes that rubs a feet in a particular way. If you don’t deal with this problem, it can quickly become painful and more difficult to sort out.

In addition to these pain complaints, it is also an unsightly condition and it is something that is particularly a problem for women who want to wear shoes that are a bit more open. Fortunately, treatment is easy, but so is prevention.

To prevent this occurring in the first place it is essential that you get shoes that are comfortable, and fit you properly. Don’t think you have to wear some sort of special shoe, you simply have to find one that fits you well and this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be ugly.

Buy shoes that have an insole, if not make sure you purchase one to put in it. This sole must be cushioned and it will reduce the amount of pressure that is on your feet. It can also be a good idea to soak your feet and water every now and again in order to soften the skin. This doesn’t need to be a special process, just try taking a bath every once in a while, instead of a shower.

Alternatively, if you prefer showering, put a plug in the bottom so the water will cover your feet for a short while, just make sure it doesn’t overflow. You can also take steps to prevent this condition by wearing the right type of socks, make sure that you choose socks that are made out of breathable material.