Dextox Foot Spas

It’s a sad that stress is part of our daily lives and is often seems as if every corner we turn stress in there, waiting in the shadows to pounce. It is constantly lurking in our workplaces and now, thanks to the lifestyle most of us lead, it is waiting to greet us when we get home like a long lost friend. The good news is that are a few ways to combat it, and in just a few minutes can feel like a new person.

Wellbeing and feet have gone together like fish and chips for centuries. The ancient art of reflexology, where certain areas of the feet have a direct link to other parts of our body, is now widely practised across the globe. While this has proved beneficial to many, there are still thousands who don’t like the idea of a stranger playing with their feet, or simply don’t have the time to visit a practice.

These are the people who would gain the most out of having a detoxing foot spa, and the beauty is that you can have one in your home to use whenever you feel the need. Even sceptics have discovered that once they sit down and pop their feet into a foot spa the therapeutic benefits are felt almost instantly. It is as if all the stress in your body is channelled and leaves body through the feet.

A good quality detox foot spa will also bring about the same results as a reflexology session, and those irritating aches and pains that we have just got on with in the past will also dissipate. There are also those who suffer from the likes of high blood pressure and heart disease who have discovered just how much better they feel with regular use of a detoxing foot spa, as stress can make conditions such as these much worse. is your one stop shop to find out everything you ever wanted to know about these brilliant little machines that have taken stress busting out of a medical practitioner’s office and into your home. You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and as if your batteries have been totally recharged. Energy and vitality levels will also be raised as when you are stress free you just feel better all round.

When you are preparing your foot spa for use, add in a few drops of essential oils to heighten the pleasure even more. There are a wonderful range available with known calming qualities, such as Chamomile, Eucalyptus Globus, Helichrysum and Lavender. By them being in the spa’s water, they are absorbed into the skin to do their work, and you can bask in the wonderful aroma at the same time.

Few people realise the power has over our mind when it comes to health. It goes way beyond positive thinking, and by assisting it in any way we can our whole life and outlook is improved, not to mention the way we actually feel. Essential oils are a miracle of nature, and by making them a part of our lives we are ensuring that our bodies are treated with the respect they deserve.