Disadvantages of wearing make up

For women, their outward appearance is very important and most women are very aware of what they look like on the outside. Most women wear cosmetics when they leave the house, especially when they are going out for a special occasion. What most women are unaware of is that wearing make up can have its disadvantages.

Most cosmetics are made from chemicals and some of these can be harmful and can result in acne and other skin conditions. The chemicals involved in these cosmetics might also mean that skin ages more quickly and it is also possible that some women might suffer an allergic reaction to the ingredients of some types of make up.

If you are worried about these potential harms it is certainly a good idea to embrace cosmetics that are made from minerals. Mineral cosmetics were first discovered around three decades ago and since this time they have gained prominence and become more popular and are recognised as a healthy alternative to standard make up.

Minerals are beneficial to the skin and skincare experts have said that they are better for you than traditional types of make up. They contain ingredients such as gold, aluminium, magnesium, zinc and titanium. There are now many types of mineral cosmetics available including foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. Foundation is one of the most important types of make up and is important in protecting your skin and keeping it healthy.

Foundation made from minerals doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and it can also protect you from the UV rays of the sun reducing your chances of skin cancer. This is particularly ideal for people who are on holiday or spend a lot of time outdoors. Mineral-based foundation is available in a wide variety of shades and is suitable for all types of skin and skin tones. It is especially appropriate for people who have oily skin as it does not block pores as some traditional skincare products might.

Some women don’t know when to stop with make up and the application of too much can make you look worse than if you were wearing no make-up at all. Fortunately mineral-based cosmetics are generally very light and give you a more natural look when compared with traditional cosmetics. It is especially good for blending in with your skin and will make you look more beautiful without it being obvious that you are wearing make up.

Mineral foundation can also be added heavily without appearing too obvious, and this can be useful if you are looking to cover up scars or pimples and can even hide evidence of acne. In fact, it is so good at this that it is even capable of replacing your need for concealer.

Unlike some foundations it is well suited to sunny conditions and won’t crack when worn in the sun. As with any type of make up it does require the occasional touchup but this is probably less needed than when you are using conventional products.