Disney villains inspire a whole host of beauty products

Disney’s villainous characters have inspired the introduction of numerous beauty products. The latest beauty products, which include nail polish, nail art, eyelashes, hair accessories, and cosmetic bags, are inspired by Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella De Vil, who are the beauties in Disney.

Each beauty product comes as a full package for enabling you to have an easy time when trying to remain beautiful. For instance, the Disney Villains look book has a brightening eyeliner, one mascara, six eye shadows, one eyelid primer, one eye shadow brush and one lip colour.

With the Cruella De Vil, you get to improve the appearance of your eyes using different eye shadow shades like puppy love, fur, maniac, cruelty, Stolen and Eccentric. On the other hand, the Ursula transforms your appearance with beautiful colours that includes sea with, coral, kiss the girl, Triton, shell and bewitched.

If you want to look classy and different from everyone else, you can try the Evil Queen look that features jealousy, Huntsman, witch, dark magic, majesty and vanity variants.

If you want to kill it with the maleficent appearance, this smoky toned set of shades features numerous variants including spell, fauna, flora, deep sleep, raven black and thoms.

For a complete eye makeover, you need the Ardell®Lashes to make your life worthwhile by applying any of the multiple variants of this beauty product. When you buy this product, you get lash adhesive, a set of three lash styles and a guide on how to apply the killer eyelashes for a seductive look.

SOHO beauty cosmetic bags have surely transformed the beauty products industry with the latest representing all Disney Divas. For instance, you may buy any of the products including a round train case, the weekender bag, a two-piece clutch set and a clutch for storing all beauty products in a suitable manner.

You can also match the Disney divas by accessorising your beauty products with Cruella De Vil spotted prints, some ponytails and colours that make you look like the real divas in Disney.