England steps up its fight against obesity

Obesity is a worldwide problem and England is not immune. Now a new campaign has been started at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which represents more than 220,000 doctors across the UK in order to tackle the epidemic.

Studies show that close to 25% of all adults are obese and this figure could reach 50% by 2050 if nothing is done, which adds huge health risks and a burden on the public health. The NHS has to deal with these issues and now recommendations could help cover this type of scenario.

The group is calling for an additional tax of 20% on some soft drinks which are renowned to be among the worse for gaining weight. Processed sugar in snacks and drinks can often lead to obesity among other diseases like diabetes type 2 and heart diseases. Meanwhile, Heart Research UK, a heart diseases charity, has some tips that could help people avoid unhealthy drinks and find alternatives.

One such tip is to avoid drinking fizzy drinks to only cases where there is a special occasion such as a holiday or celebration. Do not keep them in your fridge for daily use. Instead focus on fresh water or fruit juices which are both much healthier and have less sugar in them. You could also dilute fruit juices in mineral water to get the same sensation that you get from many soft drinks. Or for an even better choice go with fruit or herbal tea, which contains several added health benefits.

The main problem with fizzy drinks on top of the sugar is that all of the calories are so-called empty calories. They have no nutritional value and lack any extra mineral or vitamin. By switching to a healthier drink, not only do you help prevent obesity, but you also bring in some nutrients that your body needs.