Experts tell us the top 5 reasons for wearing sunglasses

Everyone looks better in sunglasses, you don’t need me to tell you that, but there are those misguided amongst us that go that step too far and wear them indoors. Sunglasses For Sport Ltd, the leading specialist retailer of sporting eyewear and sunglasses, have said that there are five very good reasons why we should all weargood quality sunglasses, and looking good is only one of them. Here is there top five reasons;

UV rays from sunlight can damage the retina and the lens of the eye.  Sunglasses eliminate this solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR), in particular the more-damaging UVB radiation.
Wearing sunglasses helps maintain long-term eye health by screening out UVR. Without this protection, over-exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (the macula is a part of the retina that processes vision in the centre of our eyes).
Preventing wrinkles.  Wearing sunglasses means you don’t squint in direct sunlight and squinting can increase the wrinkles around your eyes.
In addition to eliminating harmful UVR, close fitting sports style sunglasses with plastic lenses will keep out wind, dust, dirt, rain and most importantly provide impact protection to your eyes.
Looking good!

Most optometrists recommend wearing sunglasses anytime you are outdoors, particularly in the summer, when the level of UV radiation is triple that of other times of the year.  Sunglasses For Sport say that when choosing sunglasses make sure they are UV400 rated (this should be marked on the sunglasses, usually inside the temples), which means they will provide 100% protection from UVR.  They also say that it’s a myth that the darker the sunglasses the more protection you gain from UVR – the UV filter applied to the lenses is actually clear so even a very light coloured lens can provide full UV protection if the eyewear is UV400 rated.

The Sunglasses For Sport website has a lot more advice about the benefits of wearing sunglasses including sunglasses for children, use in high glare conditions and at high altitude.  Find out more at: .