Finding the best foundation for your skin type

Foundation, sometimes known as base, is an essential beauty product that many women use everyday. Generally it is used as a product that is capable of removing blemishes, or giving skin that little boost that it needs to become more radiant. When you are choosing a foundation it is very important that you get the right one as if you choose one that doesn’t suit your skin type then everything is going to go very wrong.

One of the most popular types of foundation is the liquid version, which comes in both oil and water-based varieties. For people with oily skin, water is the best type of foundation to use, where as people with dry skin would be best going for an oil based foundation. Whatever type of foundation you choose, it is going to give you a great deal of versatility with what you can do with your skin and make up.

If you do suffer from particularly dry skin it is also a good idea to use a cream. Foundation with a cream base can also moisturise meaning that you get a great effect that often removes the need for a concealer, especially if you use a particularly thick layer of moisturising foundation.

Recently, a new type of foundation which is based on a moose has become particularly popular as it is capable of giving a very light coverage. The idea behind this foundation is that it feels very light on your skin, almost so much so that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing make up at all. This is going to be particularly good for people who have good quality skin already and just want a little boost.