Fitness advice courtesy of the RAF Physical Training Inspectors

There are hundreds of ‘experts’ giving advice on the best way to get your body looking its best, but often that advice is confusing and unhelpful and can have you running for the biscuits before you’ve got your trainers on. Even once you have decided to get healthy, do you really have the time to exercise?

RAF Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) undergo nine months of intensive training. RAF PTIs Cpl Louise Redmond, future England women’s rugby star and Cpl Simon Wray, previous winner of the Gladiators, both know that by setting manageable and achievable goals you can get in shape in no time.

In the following video, let Cpl Simon Wray and Cpl Louise Redmond enlighten you as to what is myth, what is fact and what will really have you looking your best in 2010. They will answer questions to advise you how many sit-ups are needed for that flat tummy? Will weights cause you to look like a Russian shotputter? And do you actually need to warm-up before your run?

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