Food Allergy and Intolerance Week 23rd – 29th January 2012

Any of us could be suffering from food intolerance without knowing it, and a good time to find out either way is during the national Food Allergy and Intolerance Week. Foold intolerances and allergies are becoming increasingly more common all the time, but many don’t grasp the difference between intolerance and an allergy.

A proper food allergy affects only 2% of the population, and the symptoms can be both sudden and severe. Food intolerances are much more common and can occur when the IgG antibodies are triggered due to a reaction to a specific food.
Almost any food can cause a reaction but foods eaten most regularly are often the chief culprits – typically, wheat and dairy products, closely followed by other gluten grains, eggs and yeast. Symptoms may be delayed for hours or even days after eating the food, making it very difficult to pinpoint the culprit. Having several intolerances further confounds the situation! But, don’t worry, help is at hand!

The Food Intolerance Tests Kit* is available from Higher Nature

This simple home test kit can test for 40, 60 or 120 foods. We send a complete kit, full instructions, transport box and a pre-paid envelope to send it to the lab. The results will be sent directly to the customer in approximately 10 days.

Possible symptoms of a food intolerance include:

· Anxiety (acute or chronic)
· Attention Deficit Disorder
· Constipation
· Diarrhoea
· Headaches
· Insomnia
· Migraine
· Water retention
· Arthritis
· Fibromyalgia
· Asthma
· Bloating
· Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
· Depression
· Gastritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
· Itchy skin
· Weight control problems
· Hyperactivity disorder
· Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Higher Nature has a team of qualified Nutritionists who can give advice on managing food intolerance.

* Higher Nature intolerance testing is provided by Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, a Corporate Partner of Allergy UK, organisers of Food Allergy and Intolerance Week.