Get a behind like Kim Kardashian’s with Pole Fitness!

Kim Kardashian, the stunning 33-year old reality TV star, has caused a surge of interest in pole fitness and pole dancing around the world. The newly married celebrity has had a noticeable effect on sales of dance poles, including a significant increase in males buying Fitness poles for their girlfriends.

The international TV reality star recently joined her mum, Kris Jenner, at a pole Fitness lesson broadcast on the family’s TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians . The trend setter has captured the attention of males across the UK impressed with the size and look of the brunette bombshell’s infamous derrière. As a result Aurelian Sports, a luxury pole Fitness brand, has seen a huge spike in sales, with the majority of orders being requested by males who are keen to encourage their partners to emulate Kim’s world famous bottom.

Tracey Batenburg, CEO of Aurelian Sports, said: “It’s great to see Kim Kardashian spreading the word about pole fitness and I can see it’s doing wonders to help her shed the baby weight she gained when she was pregnant with North West.

“Pole fitness is fantastic for getting a perk bottom as the workout strengthens the glute muscles. It’s time to say goodbye to your droopy behind and say hello to the new you. Pole fitness is a demanding workout which requires the utmost dedication and gets your heart racing faster than any gym session. It’s also a great way for mums and daughters to bond and stay fit together.”

The Grip-Pole from Aurelian Sports is a premium brass pole , specially designed to produce the best grip while still being soft enough to slide on. The fitness pole is suitable for everyone regardless of their experience with the sport, from pole athletes to compete beginners. With every purchase of a Grip-Pole from the website, customers will receive a free pole dance class in their area.

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