Get Fit with a Bike

Evans Cycles, the UK’s cycle retailer have put together some reasons for buying a bike to get fit in the new year.
The list of why cycling is better is endless. By bike you’re more environmentally friendly, save time and money especially through the busy streets of the countries major cities. The government’s three year £140 million cycling plan has already installed thousands of cycle paths and generated dedicated cycling towns ? making cycling much safer in busy cities.
We all think of it as an alternative mode of transport but the workout you get from riding helps keep you fit without realising it. Enjoy the scenery of a quieter route to work rather than the stop start journey in the car and get to the office without paying out for fuel or a train ticket.
No gym fees A decent bike, that won?t fall apart after a month of riding, will set you back about £300, while £30 gets you a comfortable, lightweight helmet that passes all relevant safety standards. Waterproof jackets with reflective strips that combine comfort, practicality and safety start from around £50. With winter gloves from around £20 you can have all the gear you need to get started for around £400. Users have a long-term transport and fitness aid rather than being tied down to a gym contract that won’t get used after April.
Endless fitness benefits
Cycling is low impact and will save your knees and shins from getting a pounding on a running machine. Cycling will burn off up to 400 calories on a 30 minute ride to work so increase the ride length or turn up the pace to burn even more!
Don’t know where to start
Ride It! a series of organised road and off road rides from Evans Cycles aims to help cyclist develop their fitness, find new areas to ride and get maximum value out of the purchase of a new bike – every bike purchased from the retailer gets two free entries into a Ride It! event. There are two events in January to help riders kick start the year and events about every other week to enable you to continue your fun new fitness regime.
With 3-4 pre marked routes, mechanical support, water stops, demo bikes for hire, Gore Bikewear clothing try on the ride before you buy and free energy food. Getting out and riding in 2009 couldn’t be easier.
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