Get Hydrated with the BIBO Home Water Dispenser

A new counter top hot and cold water dispenser has been launched to provide a cleaner, smarter and faster source of water in the home. The BIBO dispenses filtered chilled, hot boiling or ambient water at the touch of a button, giving instant access to pure, clean water for all the family’s needs.

‘Water is now the UK’s most popular choice of soft drink, which proves that we understand the importance of keeping ourselves and our families well hydrated,’ says Lindsay Willott, head of Marketing and mum of an 18 month old son. ‘However, the reliance on bottled water is a real concern for anyone who wants to protect the future of our planet. In Britain, we spent £1.34 billion on bottled water in 2010, a product which is not only environmentally unsound and very expensive but has also been argued to be unsafe, with the plastic bottles potentially leaking chemicals into the water they carry.

‘We’ve launched the BIBO as an alternative which also provides parents with a number of family-friendly benefits without having to redesign their kitchen, providing filtered hot and cold water at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for both a kettle and a bulky filter jug in your fridge.’

The BIBO water dispenser simply connects to the home water mains supply, filtering the water several times to ensure purity and taste. The filtration firstly removes chlorine to give the water a clean taste, similar to most BRITA-style filter jugs,then further filters the water to remove traces of heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals before a powerful UV filter makes sure the water is free from bacteria. The water is then chilled or boiled, ready to dispense at the touch of a button.

For as little as 15p per day the BIBO means there is no need to wait around to make a cup of tea or boil the kettle to cook pasta. It can provide 7 litres (approximately 30 cups) of chilled water and 15 litres (approximately 60 cups) of hot water each hour and has been designed to fit under overhead kitchen units and its dimensions are 32.5cm high, 30cm wide and 35cm deep. The BIBO comes in a range of eight colours to fit in with all kitchens.

‘Parents do not want to take any risks when it comes to their family’s health,’ says Jonathan Brown, CEO at BIBO Ltd. ‘For just a few pence each day the BIBO home water dispenser gives them confidence in the water they consume at home, whether for preparing bottles, boiling vegetables or having a cool drink, helping to safeguard their family’s health as well as reducing the environmental impact of plastic bottles.’

The BIBO costs £363 and is available online from This includes home installation, comprehensive one year warranty and two filters. Customers will then be contacted within 24 hours of purchase to arrange free installation by a BIBO technician.